Welcome to Field and Tab

Field and Tab provides professional support services for Market Research agencies.

Situated on the Berea in Durban, Field and Tab was established 25 years ago to conduct market research, primarily for out-of-province clients who had a requirement for high quality independent research facilities in KwaZulu-Natal.

Founding and managing director Richard Masefield comments:

"We cater to the demand for a specialised, reliable and dedicated infrastructure that research companies can access for their outsourcing requirements."

Field and Tab's long and broad experience has given it insight and understanding of what the industry requires and what it's expectations are from its professional partners. As a consequence, Field and Tab's primary orientation is now directed at offering a wide range of independent support services for market research companies.

Facilities and Services

Amongst the services and facilities we provide are:

  • Respondent Discussion Rooms with Client Viewing Rooms
  • Interviewing & Respondent Recruitment Services
  • Catering for Respondents & Clients
  • Video & Audio Recording

Our spacious well equipped rooms are ideal for meetings where you require formal records of the proceedings - video or audio - transcripts & translations:

  • Meetings, Conferences & Planning Workshops
  • Body Corporate & Annual General Meetings
  • Neutral venue for Legal Meetings or Hearings

On request, we can also assist with the following 3rd party services:

  • Translators who will sit with clients during groups
  • Video & Camera Operators for Field Work

All of these functions are run and coordinated from our Field and Tab Market Research premises in Claribel Road, Windermere, Berea, Durban. The offices provide 2 purpose-built air-conditioned viewing rooms, 2 board rooms, a reception area as well as a lounge for pre-group filtering.

We are equipped for Eskom load shedding and power outages - our backup generator ensures that you won't have to cancel or abandon a session.

Our large balcony adds to the efficiency of group arrivals. Our hostess is able to welcome and sign your respondents in without impinging on any groups already in progress.

There are 8 secure off-street parking bays on the property and ample road parking where we provide our own car guard.


Terms and Conditions

Postponement within 48 hours of a Scheduled Group

  • Where respondents have already been recruited, and a Group Session is rescheduled for a different day, then:
    • Full incentive fees are to be paid to Field & Tab, to be passed on in full to the Respondents
    • Field & Tab fees are to be paid, but will be offset against the Group when it takes place
  • Any groups postponed that do not take place within 2 months of the original schedule date will then be deemed cancelled.

Cancellations on the day of a Scheduled Group

  • Groups cancelled on the day of the Scheduled Session will incur a 100% cancellation fee.
  • Full charge for:
    • Venue Hire
    • Hostess
    • Catering
    • Recruitment
    • Incentives

Cancellations within 48 hours of a Scheduled Group

  • Groups cancelled within 48 hours of a Scheduled Session will incur:
  • A 50% cancellation fee
    • Venue Hire
  • Full charge for:
    • Recruitment
    • Incentives


Wireless internet access is available in all rooms for clients use.

Print and Copy

Photocopy and printing facilities are available in-house. Postnet is across the road for more demanding print requirements, as well as courier and bulk posting services.


There is also a Bed and Breakfast within a few minutes drive that can be booked for convenient accommodation directly through us.

Note that Field and Tab clients do not need to pay up-front for accommodation.

See:   Coweys Corner Guest House   https://coweyscorner.co.za   (082) 568-1635


The pictures below should give you a good feel for our facilities.

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Contact Us

21 Claribel Road

South Africa

Tel: +27 (82) 568-1635

GPS: -29.833142, 31.019137

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Backup Power

  • Equipped for Load Shedding

Filter Coffee

  • Nespresso Pods for Clients


Southern Africa
Marketing Research Association


Field and Tab Market Research Services
Located at: 21 Claribel Road, Windermere, Durban
Phone: (082) 568-1635
VAT Number: 4210142560
Company Registration: 1993/01298/23

Field and Tab Market Research Services Field and Tab provides professional support services for Market Research agencies.
The services and facilities we provide include Respondent Discussion Rooms, with Client Viewing Rooms, Interviewing & Respondent Recruitment Services, Catering for Respondents & Clients, Video & Audio Recording, Translators, Video & Camera Operators for Field Work.
Our Board Room facilities are also suitabe for Meetings, Workshops and Conferences, with Video Recording, Audio Recording, Translator and Minutes Taking services if required.
Available Monday to Saturday, including evenings.